Add Clients

Add New Clients

Adding new clients is easy.


Before you invite clients, you may wish to turn on 2FA.

You can read more about HIPAA-compliance and security measures on our security page (opens in a new tab).

How to add new clients in SpeechFit

  1. Log in to your SpeechFit account as a clinician
  2. Click the Add Client button either on the left hand menu bar or on the top right of the dashboard
  3. Enter the client details and hit Next
  4. Choose the program your client is on
  5. Confirm the details on the next page
  6. Your client will be invited to SpeechFit with a preconfigured account, and you can now access them from your dashboard.

Locate the Add Client buttons

add clients

Enter in client details


You may wish to turn on 2FA before you invite clients.

Your client's details are secure once they're in our system. You can read more about HIPAA compliance and our security measures on our website (opens in a new tab).

add clients

Choose program

Choose a program to create from template.

choose program

Confirm details

Once you've sent the invitation, it's a little harder to change the program a client is on.

confirm program

Inviting existing clients

If your client already has an account, you'll see the program they are on after they have set up their details. You do not need to change anything here - this will just send them an invitation.

However, if you do choose to change their account, you will not overwrite their settings. You will just add to them.


If your client already has an account, once you send the invitation they will have 72 hours to confirm it before the invitation expires. You can learn more on the next page!