Create Account

Create Your Account

There are two ways to create a SpeechFit account:

  1. Through self-sign up, as in you sign yourself up
  2. Through invitation

We'll explore these two types below.

Self Sign-Up

You can sign up to SpeechFit using your email address or with Google.

Navigate to (opens in a new tab) and click 'Sign Up'

Email Sign-Up

When you register with your email address, you'll be required to select an account type (either Client or Clinician). On the following step, you'll be required to enter a one-time code that is sent to your email address. Please look out for this code and do not navigate away from the page until you have entered it.

Google Sign-Up

If you choose Google Sign-Up and you haven't selected your account type, you'll be asked to do so on the following screen.


2FA is not available with Sign-Up / Sign-In with Google, because it is understood that your 2FA settings and their enforcement will be handled by Google.

Becaues 2FA is not available with Sign-Up / Sign-In with Google, you will also not be able to see your device list as this is only available when 2FA is available.

Sign Up by Invitation

If you do not have a SpeechFit account, you may be invited to SpeechFit in which case your details will be pre-configured through the invitation process.