Edit Client Accounts

Edit Client Accounts

When you have access to a client account, you can edit many areas within their account. You will not be able to edit account-level information such as email address, password, and security settings.

What you can't edit

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Email address
  4. Account holder's name
  5. Client's name (if different)
  6. Client's Age
  7. Billing settings, if relevant
  8. Privacy & security settings

What you can edit


  1. Profile Picture
  2. Program stage
  3. Video Settings (Zoom Link)
  4. Account Connection

New Entry screen

  1. Add new Entry Categories
  2. Delete Entry Categories
  3. Change the name of Entry Categories
  4. Change the icon of Entry Categories
  5. Change the order of Entry Sategories
  6. Change the order of Entry Sections
  7. Delete Entry Sections

Entry Builder

  1. Change Entry Name
  2. Change Entry Icon
  3. Change Logic in Entries
  4. Add Entry Sections
  5. Add Components
  6. Change the order of Entry Sections
  7. Change the order of Components
  8. Edit Component configuration


  1. Pin a category to the entry screen
  2. Change Insights Sections titles
  3. Change Insight titles
  4. Change Insight configurations
  5. Change the order of Insight Sections
  6. Change the order of Insights


  1. Create a session
  2. Edit or Add session notes

How to edit a client account

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have access to the account. You will have access automatically if you created the account for your client. You can also gain access to existing accounts by sending an invitation or having a client send you an invitation.
  2. Enter the account by clicking the → next to the client's name
  3. Navigate to the appropriate section and click Edit
  4. Click Save to save your configuration