About Invitations


Invitations allow you to connect with your client accounts, and vice versa, while maintaining a high level of security.

Invitations expire after 72 hours.

Invitations sent by you to clients

You can invite your clients to SpeechFit in one of two ways.

  1. If they already have an account, you can send them an access invitation.
  2. If they do not have an account, you can create and configure an account for them, then send them an invitation to their new account.

Both methods start by adding a client through the 'Add Client' modal.

Invitations to clients who already has a SpeechFit account

If your client already has an account, you will see this when you select a program for them.


If you change their program, you will add to the settings that have already been configured. You will not overwrite them.

If you do not change their program, you will update their details and send them an invitation.

Invitations to clients who do not have a SpeechFit account

If a client does not have a speechfit account, the procedure to add a client stays the same. They will receive an invitation to log in for the first time and set their password, and you can set up their account in the mean time.

Invitations sent to you by clients

If a client has signed up to a SpeechFit account without you first inviting them to it, they will be able to grant you access to their SpeechFit account.

Invitations sent by clients when you are not on SpeechFit

If a client sends you an invitation when you are not on SpeechFit, they are asked to prefill some details and you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Invitations sent by clients when you are already on SpeechFit

If a client wishes to give you access to their account and you already have a SpeechFit account, a redacted version of your profile will show for the client.

You can see what this looks like for the client below.

existing clinician connection

If a client sends you an invitation when you are already on SpeechFit, you'll receive an email to confirm the link.

This will open up within your dashboard, and you'll have to click a button to confirm the link.

accept invite

You and your client will receive a notification detailing the outcome of the invitation. So bear in mind that, if you reject the invitation, the client will be notified. If this is not advantageous for some reason, please contact us and let us know.

accepted invite