Build Entries

Build entries

By default, when you create an account from template, your Entries are pre-built for the program you are on.

If you are using a blank account, you'll need to built your entries from scratch. Regardless, the process the same.

Enter Edit mode

To enter Edit mode, click the 'Edit' button on the top right. To save, click the button in the same location when you are done.

edit entry

Edit Entry settings

edit entry

Add New Sections in Entries

An Entry Section allows you to group fields within a similar field (for example, Stuttering Severity and Fluency Technique for Live Evaluation). They are also useful in analysis later on.

Click the Divider with a + in the middle when you are in edit mode, then give your Section a descriptive name by clicking on the cog.

entry sections

Add Components to Entries

Components allow you to enter data into your record. Click the + button within an entry to open the component selection dialog, then drag them around until you have the components you want in the right order. You can delete components here too.

add components

add components

Add, Edit and Move Components and Sections

move edit components

Edit Component Settings

You can refine your component settings by clicking the Cog icon when you are in edit mode.